Richardson Lab Article Chosen for Journal Cover

Journal of Neurophysiology November 2015 CoverPittsburgh, November 1, 2015 -- A review article, entitled “Network Effects of Deep Brain Stimulation,” authored by R. Mark Richardson, MD, PhD, and his staff at the Brain Modulation Laboratory was chosen for the November cover of the Journal of Neurophysiology, [J Neurophysiol 114:2105–2117 2015.]

The article abstract states, “The ability to differentially alter specific brain functions via deep brain stimulation (DBS) represents a monumental advance in clinical neuroscience, as well as within medicine as a whole. Despite the efficacy of DBS in the treatment of movement disorders, for which it is often the gold-standard therapy when medical management becomes inadequate, the mechanisms through which DBS in various brain targets produces therapeutic effects is still not well understood. This limited knowledge is a barrier to improving efficacy and reducing side effects in clinical brain stimulation.

“A field of study related to assessing the network effects of DBS is gradually emerging that promises to reveal aspects of the underlying pathophysiology of various brain disorders and their response to DBS that will be critical to advancing the field. This review summarizes the nascent literature related to network effects of DBS measured by cerebral blood flow and metabolic imaging, functional imaging, and electrophysiology (scalp and intracranial electroencephalography, and magnetoencephalography), in order to establish a framework for future studies.”

Ahmad Alhourani, Michael M. McDowell, Michael Randazzo, Thomas Wozny, Efstathios Kondylis, Witold J. Lipski, Sarah Beck, Jordan F. Karp, Avniel S. Ghuman, and Robert Mark Richardson are listed as authors for the article.

The Journal of Neurophysiology is published by the American Physiological Society and features original articles on the function of the nervous system.