Clinical Trial: TEAM TBI

TEAM TBI is a Department of Defense funded research study at the University of Pittsburgh that investigates the complexity of brain injury, and how targeted interventional strategies may improve outcome and function.

This study will examine various diagnostic techniques, as well as cognitive training strategies over a 15 month period. Various domains that may be affected following a TBI are assessed for the following: oculomotor, vestibular, neuropsychological, sleep, cognitive, and cervical disorders. The study will rely on a combination of paper/pencil, computer, sleep science and imaging measures to examine the effects of TBI at various stages post-injury. The University of Pittsburgh is the lead institution in this multicenter study, which is being conducted in conjunction with other leading research institutions and hospitals around the country.

All procedures are minimal risk. The study will involve a comprehensive 3-4 day intake evaluation, followed by a variety of remotely performed tasks during the 1-6 month follow-up period. These tasks are individualized to each subject based on intake evaluation and review by Dr. Okonkwo and the other study team members who are specialized in each trajectory (i.e. cognitive therapy, vestibular therapy, sleep therapy, etc.). Participants will be followed during the remote portion and will be invited to return in 6-9 months for a follow-up to their initial assessment.

We anticipate enrolling 120 military and civilian participants 18-60 years-old with a history of traumatic brain injury since 2001, and who are still experiencing symptoms related to TBI.

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