The NeuroendoportSM is a technique for brain tumor removal at UPMC that allows surgeons to access deep areas of the brain with little manipulation of surrounding tissue. In the operating room, a small tube about the circumference of a dime is used to access the tumor through a tiny channel in the brain, and the tumor is removed through this corridor. The surgical scar and amount of bone removal is decreased compared to standard techniques, but more importantly, the amount of dissection and retraction of the brain is decreased. Brain dissection and retraction has been linked to many of the side effects of brain surgery.

The Neuroendoport technique was developed at UPMC. Many deep brain tumors, both cancerous and benign, are candidates for this approach. In addition, most intraventricular tumors and colloid cysts are excellent candidates for this procedure. At UPMC neurosurgery, we have expertise in this technique as well as more conventional techniques for brain surgery.

For more information on the Neuroendoport technique, please visit the Neuroendoport Brain Surgery webpage on the UPMC website.