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March 2018

Sen T, Saha P, Sen N. Nitrosylation of GAPDH augments pathological tau acetylation upon exposure to amyloid-βSci Signal 11(522), 2018.

Kim WJ, Zenonos G, McDowell MM, Gardner PA, Engh JA. Cardioversion-responsive ventriculo-atrial shunt malfunction precipitated by atrial fibrillation.
World Neurosurg [Epub ahead of print], 2018.

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Nowicki KW, Jennings R, Sekula RF Jr. Brainstem Hypoperfusion as the Inciting Factor in the Development of Essential HypertensionNeurosurgery 82(3):N20-N21, 2018.

February 2018

Nakassa AC, Chabot JD, Snyderman CH, Wang EW, Gardner PA, Fernandez-Miranda JC. Complete endoscopic resection of a pituitary stalk epidermoid cyst using a combined infrasellar interpituitary and suprasellar endonasal approach: case reportJ Neurosurg 128(2):437-443, 2018.

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Raber M, Patterson M, Jia W, Sun M, Baranowski T. Utility of eButton images for identifying food preparation behaviors and meal-related tasks in adolescents.
Nutr J 17(1):32, 2018.

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Anderson M, Elmer J, Shutter L, Puccio A, Alexander S. Integrating Quantitative Pupillometry Into Regular Care in a Neurotrauma Intensive Care UnitJ Neurosci Nurs 50(1):30-36, 2018.

January 2018

Zhu X, Evans KN, El-Gharbawy A, Lee JY, Brooker JE, Jabbour N, Tyler-Kabara EC, Madan-Khertarpal S, Losee JE, Goldstein JA. Cervical Spine Injury From Unrecognized Craniocervical Instability in Severe Pierre Robin Sequence Associated With Skeletal DysplasiaCleft Palate Craniofac J [Epub ahead of print], 2018.

Sandel NK, Worts PR, Burkhart S, Henry L. Comparison of baseline ImPACT performance in amateur motocross riders to football and basketball athletes.
Brain Inj [Epub ahead of print], 2018.

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December 2017

Alarcon JD, Rubiano AM, Okonkwo DO, Alarcón J, Martinez-Zapata MJ, Urrútia G, Bonfill Cosp X. Elevation of the head during intensive care management in people with severe traumatic brain injuryCochrane Database Syst Rev 12:CD009986, 2017.

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November 2017

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October 2017

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September 2017

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August 2017

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July 2017

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June 2017

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