Neurosurgery News Archive

The following is the University of Pittsburgh Neurosurgery News newsletter archive. Past publications are stored here as pdf files.

December 2018
The future of neurosurgery; teaching minimally invasive neurosurgical techniques .

September 2018
Tumor control and cranial nerve outcomes; intelligent mouthguard; medical marijuana; neurosurgery residency.

March 2018
Neurophysiology epilepsy research; stroke study; thrombocytosis in tbi treatment; endonasal course; Gamma Knife milestone.

December 2017
Spine surgery satisfaction scores; brain tumor bank; endovascular carotid dissection; orofacial pain; stroke survivor.

Summer 2017
Hemorrhagic stroke; Gamma Knife radiosurgery; skull base chordoma; metastatic brain tumors.

Spring 2017
Minimally invasive sacroliac joint fusion; thoracolumbar spinal fusion surgery; SSEP monitoring.

Winter 2017
Minimally invasive treatment of epilepsy; paralyzed man regains touch; subarachnoid hemorrhage; neuroendovascular fellowship.

Fall 2016
Aneuryms; neuroendovascular surgeon in Afghanistan military theatre; stroke.

Summer 2016
Brain tumors.

Spring 2016
Tribute to Peter Jannetta; traumatic barin injury biospecimen repository; Parkinson's Disease gene therapy; lumbar interbody fusion.

Winter 2016
Gamma Knife radiosurgery; trigeminal neuralgia; arteriovenous malformations; tremor; cancer; meningiomas.

Fall 2015
Responsive Neurostimulation (RNS) treatment for intractable epilepsy; avoiding surgical site infections; 2015 CNS.

Summer 2015
Cervical cord MRI T2 hyperintensity; childhood sports; telemedicine; kyphoplasty; cervical spondylitic myelopathy; traumatic brain injury.

Spring 2015
Cervical spine; eyelid brain surgery; AANS summary.

Winter 2015
Intracranial aneurysms; UPMC Pituitary Center; lumbar spine treatment; functional neurosurgery.

Fall 2014
Lumbar spine surgery; fluorescent-guided brain tumor surgery; endoscopic endonasal cranial base surgery; international training; cns.

Summer 2014
Spine care; brain aneurysms.

Spring 2014
Pediatric Neurosurgery at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh; pediatric epilepsy surgery; vascular anomalies; spasticity and movement disorders; glioma therapeutics.

Winter 2014
Flow Diversion Pipeline; Stalif C; cranial nerve disorders; epilepsy surgery; Stereotactic Radiosurgery book.

Fall 2013
Cranial nerve surgery; VA neurosurgery service; residents in Africa; sports injuries.

Summer 2013
Spine Services Division; glioblastoma; kyphoplasty; aneurysm patient memorial; 2013 AANS.

Spring 2013
Gamma Knife; Pittsburgh Penguin neurosurgeon; operating in India; endovascular stroke; neurophsychological assessment.

Winter 2013
Neurophysiological monitoring.

Fall 2012
Skull base surgery; EEA; chordomas; endonasal surgery; Neuroapoptosis and Translational Therapeutics Lab.

Summer 2012
Deep brain stimulation; 25 years of Gamma Knife radiosurgery; epilepsy; lumbar fusion; stroke; top docs. 

Spring 2012
Cranial base telemonitoring; childhood glioma trial; endoport colloid cyst resection; awake craniotomies; glioblastomas.

Winter 2012
High Definition Fiber Tracking; traumatic brain injury, endoscopic port surgery; brainstem .

Fall 2011
75 years; immunoexcitotoxicity; brain trauma; Gamma Knife; glioblastoma; Venturella/Webb book; blast tbi.

Summer 2011
Epilepsy surgery; Epilepsy monitoring; EEG evaluations; Vagal nerve stimulation; Gamma Knife in the Americas.

Spring 2011
Spine surgery; cranial nerve disorder treatment; facial pain; CERN; ependymoas; spinal cord interface.

Winter 2011
Endonasal approach in dural arterio-venous fistula care; unruptured aneurysms; AVM; stroke repair; solitaire retrievable stent; percutaneous revascularization; ROSE trial.

Fall 2010
Minimally invasive spine surgery; adult scoliosis; lateral interbody fusion; hybrid dynamic stabilization Dynesys; vertebral body tumors; degenerative spine disease.

Summer 2010
Friedlander welcome; Deep Brain Stimulation, Parkinson's treatment; cell death research; Torticollis.

Spring 2010
Walter Copeland, Copeland Lab; research; North American Gamma Knife Consortium (NAGKC); future scientists.

Winter 2010
Preserving hearing; cranial nerve safety using Gamma Knife radiosurgery; minimally invasive neurosurgery; improving vision.

Fall 2009
Immunotherapy glioma treatment trial; pediatric epilepsy surgery; neuroendoport surgery; pediatric vascular disease; pediatric craniopharyngiomas; pediatric care.

Summer 2009
A look at four patient cases and how neurosurgical care affects their lives.

Spring 2009
Neuroendoport surgery; EEA; minimally invasive endoneurosurgery training; neuroangiography; 360° surgery; brainstem auditory evoked potentials.

Winter 2009
Minimally invasive portals; spine trauma surgery; deep brain stimulation; EMG monitoring; axial lumbar interbody fusion; CIRCL; The Longevity Factor.

Fall 2008
Botulinum toxin; intraoperative monitoring; cortical, subcortical mapping; somatosensory evoked potential; clinical neurophysiology; CNS; spine radiosurgery.

Summer 2008
Minimally invasive lateral access spine surgery; minimally invasive cervical spine surgery; Synergy S; artificial cervical disc technology; Ian Pollack named vice chairman.

Spring 2008
Intradural minimally invasive spine surgery; Gamma Knife Perfexion; stereotactic biopsy; hip/back study in older patients; conference on management of neurovascular events.

Winter 2008
Onyx liquid embolic agent; endonasal treatment of a dermoid tumor; stereotactic radiosurgery for juvenile pilocytic astrocytomas; new aneurysm treatment.

Fall 2007
Image-guided spinal navigation; awake craniotomy; cortical stimulation may decrease severity of depression; spine injury in sports; novel obesity study; Perfexion.

Summer 2007
Hypothermia treatment in tbi; new operating room for image-guided brain, spine surgery; subarachnoid hemorrhage treatment; lumbar herniated disc disease care.

Spring 2007
Expanded Endonasal Approach (EEA); School of Medicine dean appoints Kassam chairman; minimally invasive neurosurgery.

Winter 2007
Perfexion Gamma Knife coming to UPMC; rare AVM repaired with innovative coil embolization; paleopathology; Everest Study; Kondziolka installed as Jannetta Professor.

Fall 2006
UPMC team clips aneurysm using endonasal route; Brain Trauma Research Center receives $6.3 million grant; dedicated spine lab opens; surgeons using Onyz liquid embolic system.

Summer 2006
Kassam named interim chair; state-of-the-art spine trauma care; improving the informed consent process; MEG; Gamma Knife for brain melanoma metastases.

Spring 2006
Vaccines for brain tumors; brain tumor angiogenesis; neurooncology program; pediatric brain tumor studies; Kineflex artificial disc alternative to cervical fusion.

Winter 2006
MEG unit installed at UPMC; first transnasal aneurysm trapping and aneurysmorraphy performed; brain stimulation may help stroke survivors; residency in Uganda.

Fall 2005
Childhood vascular malformations; percutaneous discectomy; post-concussion migraines in young athletes; axial lumbar interbody fusion.

Summer 2005
Charite artificial spine disc; neurosurgery research and development; complex facial pain syndromes; World Congress of Endoscopic Surgery of the Brain, Skull Base and Spine.

Spring 2005
Neurophysiology technology; motor evoked potentials; deep brain stimulation treatment; Parkinson's Disease: a patient's story; NeuroNet.

Winter 2005
Advanced, professional training; university chairs, L. Dade Lunsford; Ian Pollack; Howard Yonas; A. Leland Albright; Peter C. Shepak Chair.

Fall 2004
Comprehensive cancer care; CyberKnife radiosurgery; spinal instrumentation; radiotherapy and radiosurgery in brain metastases management.

Summer 2004
Epilepsy management; imaging methods in epilesy management; pediatric epilepsy; Cranial Base/Pituitary Fossa course; third Gamma Knife unit operational.

Spring 2004
Neurotrauma monitoring; Surgi-Wrap spine surgery film; brain metastases survey results; Neurotrauma, Critical Care Course; Peter Sheptak.

Winter 2004
Neurosurgery research and development; Brain Trauma Research Center; Walter L. Copeland Laboratory; immunotherapy for brain cancers; carotid stenting trial.

Fall 2003
Dynesys; resident work hours; neuro-nphthalmology service; normal pressure hydrocephalus; Think First For Kids; Carotid Occlusion Surgical Study (COSS).

Summer 2003
Movement disorders program; trigeminal neuralgia; sports-related concussion; Ian Pollack, Walter Dandy Chair; Melvin Field.

Spring 2003
Center Cranial Base and Minimally Invasive Surgery; endoscopic pituitary surgery; expanded endonasal neurosurgery.

Winter 2003
Coiling aneurysms; acoustic neuromas survey results; brain tumor resection; department physician assistants.

Fall 2002
Aacute stroke therapy; Cerebrovascular Surgery Section; CyberKnife; Department of Neurosurgery website.

Summer 2002
Gamma Knife; neurosurgical health care; regionalization of trauma care; intraoperative neurophysiologic monitoring; Atul Patel.

Spring 2002
Trigeminal neuralgia; hemifacial spasm; glossopharyngeal neuralgia; brain bypass surgery; Center for Cranial Nerve Disorders.

Winter 2002
Minimally invasive spine surgery; microdiscectomy; intradiscal electrothermy (IDET); nucleoplasty; vertebral compression fractures; Michael Horowitz.

Fall 2001
Pediatric neurosurgery; A. Leland Albright; lumbar spinal stenosis; epilepsy; concussion study; sports neurosurgery; Alan Scarrow spends year on capitol hill.

Summer 2001
Cancer pain relief; recurrent malignant astrocytomas; spine lesions treatment; lingual artery embolization; Todd Thompson.

Spring 2001
Cerebral concussion in athletes; systematic spine evaluation; spine trauma; trigeminal neuralgia; Carnegie Science Center exhibit.

Winter 2001
Spine Services Diviosn; neck pain management; outcomes research; Parkinson's Disease; movement disorders; new clinic reception area.

Fall 2000
Cerebrovascular disease; lumbar disc disease; cell transplantation; head injury care; endovascular therapy.

Summer 2000
Modern management of brain metastases; hydrocephalus; cranial nerve disorder treatment.