Friedlander Named to Brain Aneurysm Foundation Medical Advisory Board

Robert FriedlanderPittsburgh, October 29, 2014 -- Robert M. Friedlander, MD, chairman and Walter E. Dandy Professor of Neurological Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh, was recently named to the prestigious Brain Aneurysm Foundation's medical advisory board.

In making the announcement of Dr. Friedlander's appointment, Brain Aneurysm Foundation’s executive director, Christine Buckley said, “Dr. Friedlander is a long-time friend of the foundation. We are thrilled to have someone with his talents and expertise as a member of the Medical Advisory Board."

Dr. Friedlander's clinical work focuses on the operative management of complex cerebrovascular disorders and brain tumors. As director of the Neuroapoptosis Laboratory at the University of Pittsburgh, his major research interests lie in the study of the mechanistic pathways of the caspase apoptosis gene family. His work includes the evaluation of treatment strategies for neurodegenerative diseases (Huntington’s and ALS), stroke, brain trauma, and spinal cord injury through the modulation of the caspase-family apoptotic pathways.

Dr. Friedlander’s research has received significant media attention including major work published in Nature, Science, and Nature Medicine.

According to the Brain Aneurysm Foundation's website, the foundation was established in Boston in 1994 and is the "nation’s only nonprofit organization solely dedicated to providing critical awareness, education, support and research funding to reduce the incidence of brain aneurysm ruptures. The Brain Aneurysm Foundation has become the world’s leading source of private funding of brain aneurysm research."

The foundation's medical advisory board is comprised of leading neurologists, neurosurgeons, and interventional neuroradiologists from around the country.