Friedlander Receives Key to City

Pittsburgh, October 6, 2017 -- Department chairman and brain tumor and cerebrovascular expert Robert M. Friedlander, MD, received the key to the city of Danbury, Conn. in recognition of his recent treatment of Danbury mayor Mark D. Boughton. 

Dr. Friedlander successfully removed a lemon-sized tumor, a benign intracranial epidermoid cyst, from Boughton's brain August 8. The operation came just weeks after the mayor, who had been suffering from headaches, dizziness and vision problems, learned that the cyst had been growing slowly for many years. 

Removal of an epidermoid cyst can be a challenging, complex procedure since the cysts tend to grow around the arteries, nerves and other anatomical structures in the surrounding area. Dr. Friedlander expects Broughton to make a full recovery. 

After returning to work on a part-time basis in mid-August, Boughton returned to full-time duty just after Labor Day.

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