McDowell Appointed PAMED Delegate

Michael McDowellPittsburgh, November 21, 2018 -- PGY-5 resident Michael McDowell, MD, was recently appointed to the Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED) house of delegates representing Allegheny County. PAMED is a physician-led, member-driven organization representing physicians and medical students throughout Pennsylvania. One of the largest lobbying groups in Pennsylvania, the society serves as an advocate for physicians and their patients and provides expert resources and guidance to help physicians navigate challenges in today’s ever-evolving health care environment.

Dr. McDowell is heavily involved in teaching and community outreach and was voted clinician of the year for his contributions to the Columbia Student Medical Outreach clinic in Washington Heights, in New York in 2013.

At the PAMED’s recent annual house of delegates meeting held October 26-28 in Hershey, Pa., Dr. McDowell successfully spoke in favor of a bill regionalizing county medical societies to allow for better coordination and support of physician members. "Regionalization of county medical societies on a voluntary basis allows for a dynamic community that reflects medical realities such as multi hospital systems like UPMC,” McDowell said. “UPMC physicians across multiple counties may share similar needs and objectives that can be better addressed by pooling resources of individual counties to provide greater services to physicians and the patients that they advocate for."