Resident Funded for Aneurysm Project

Kamil W. Nowicki, MD, PhDPittsburgh, August 18, 2016 -- The Brain Aneurysm Foundation has awarded PGY-1 resident Kamil W. Nowicki, MD, PhD, two grant awards totaling $35,000 for his project, “Targeting Platelet Inflammatory Axis in Cerebral Aneurysm Progression and Healing.” The awards are part of the foundation’s “Chairs of Research Program” that fund basic scientific research directed at early detection, improved treatment modalities, and technological advances. Dr. Nowicki’s project will be funded through the Timothy P. Susco Chair of Research ($25,000) and the Dawn Brejcha Chair of Research ($10,000).

According to Dr. Nowicki, cerebral aneurysms are present in 5% of the population and their rupture can lead to catastrophic subarachnoid hemorrhage. Platelets are intimately involved in vascular inflammation and remodeling, but their role in aneurysm formation has not been examined. In Dr. Nowicki’s project, researchers will block platelet activation and platelet-released proteins in a mouse model of aneurysm formation, and in a mouse model of coiled aneurysms. The long-term goal is to develop a pharmacological treatment of unruptured and coiled aneurysms to deliver a superior healing response. 

University of Pittsburgh medical student Alexandra Sansosti is also a researcher on the project. Department chairman Robert M. Friedlander, MD, will serve as mentor on the project.

The award will be presented at the Brain Aneurysm Foundation’s 10th Annual Research Grant Symposium, September 8, in Atlanta, Ga.