Surgical Neuroanatomy Lab Research Fellowships

Research fellowship positions are offered in the Surgical Neuroantamony Lab (SNL) throughout the year. Minimum length of the fellowship program is 12 months; shorter periods of time might be considered under special circumstances.

Funding for personal expenses is not available, but the SNL will provide the anatomical and technical material needed to complete your training and research projects. Fellows will focus on areas of their interest under the guidance of the SNL faculty.

Those interested in applying for the research fellowship position should please contact Paul Gardner, MD, at and send an updated curriculum vitae and at least one letter of recommendation.

Current Research Fellows (2016-18)

Sergio Andres Torres Bayona (Columbia)
Aldo Eguiluz (Mexico)
Ricardo Gomez (Venezuela)
Vanessa Hernandez-Hernandez (Spain)
Timothee Jacquesson (France)

Maria Belen Vega (Argentina)

Previous Research Fellows (2008-16)

Kumar Abhinav, MD (UK)
Yancy Acosta, MD (Dominican Rep.)
Tiago Alves (Brazil)
Victor Barradas Alcocer, MD (Mexico)
Abdelhay Ali, MD (Egypt)
Beatriz Lopez Alvarez, MD (Spain)
Pablo Barcelo, MD (Argentina)
Arnau Benet, MS (Spain)
Cristobal Blanco, MD (Spain)
Luis R. Bonilla, MD (Dominican Rep.)
Hamid Borghei-Razavi (Germany)
Rodrigo Cavalcante, MD (Brasil)
Eugenio Cardenas, MD (Spain)
Emrah Celtikci (Turkey)
Salomon Cohen (Mexico)
Juan Barges Coll, MD (Mexico)
Ayhan Cömert (Turkey)
Leo Ditzel, MD (Brasil)
Abdullah Durmaz, MD (Turkey)
Tomasz Dziedzic (Poland)
Eduardo Flores, MD (Mexico)
Sergio Gomez (Columbia)
Fabio Guerra (Spain)
Sukdeep Jawar (India)
Weihong Jiang (China)
Mohamed Labib, MD (Canada)
Fernando Latorre, MD (Argentina)
Stefan Lieber (Switzerland)
Jianfeng Liu, MD (China)
Chiyuan Ma (China)
Joao Mangussi (Brazil)
Roger Mathias (Brazil)
David Mato (Spain)
Antonio Meola (Italy)
Victor Morera, MD (Colombia)
Edinson Najera (Spain)
Cristian Ferrareze Nunes (Brazil)
Maximiliano Nunez (Argentina)
Yujiro Obikane, MD (Japan)
Robert Zanabria Ortiz (Spain)
Paolo Pacca (Italy)
Igor Paredes (Spain)
Carlos Pinheiro, MD (Brasil)
Felix Quezada (Dominican Republic)
Omar Ramirez, MD (Colombia)
Milton Rastelli, MD (Brazil)
Seyed Samini, MD (Iran)
Kamran Sattarov (Ukraine)
Tiago Scopel, MD (Brasil)
Zhao Hui Shi (China)
Domenico Solari, MD (Italy)
Ramon Terre, MD (Spain)
Ronaldo Toledo (Brazil)
Quang Huy Truong (Vietnam)
Denildo Verissimo (Brazil)
Daniel Seclen Voscoboinik (Argentina)
Xu Hui Wang, MD (China)
Ming Dong Wang (China)
Wei-Hsin Wang (Taiwan)
Yibao Wang, MD (China)
Zhong-Wren Wang (China)
Hongquan Wei, MD (China)
Dali Wu, MD (Taiwan)
Zhiqun Wu, MD (China)
Zhang Xian, MD, PhD (China)
Wu Xiaojun (China)
Sun Xicay (China)
Wenping Xiong (China)
Bo Yan (China)
Peizhi Zhou (China)

2017 Fellows
2016-17 research fellows with Juan C. Fernandez-Miranda, MD, at Biomedical Science Tower during Complex EEA course, August 2017.

Fellows at PNC Park
Research fellows with Juan C. Fernandez-Miranda, MD, at PNC Park.

2015-16 fellows and visitors
2015-16 visitors and fellows with lab director Dr. Fernandez-Miranda after 3D presentation in conference room. 

2012-13 fellows and visitors
2012-13 visitors and fellows with lab director Dr. Fernandez-Miranda after 3D presentation. 

2011-12 fellows and visitors
2011-12 fellows and vistors with Wendy-Fellows Mayle, PhD (far right), director of the department's Walter Copeland Laboratory.