Surgical Neuroanatomy Lab Resources

Equipment available to Surgical Neuroanatomy Laboratory personnel include the following:

  • Four (4) operating microscopes,
  • Three (3) HD endoscopic stations (courtesy of Storz),
  • One (1) image-guidance system (courtesy of Stryker),
  • Three (3) high-speed electric drills (courtesy of Stryker),
  • Research fellows office: One (2) PC (clinical) station and one (1) Apple (graphic) station,
  • Abundant and high-quality anatomical specimens,
  • 3D stereoscopic projection system for educational presentations, 
  • High-Definition Fiber Tracking (HDFT) station (CPU I7, 3.07GHz, QuadCore w/ hyperthreating, 12 Gb RAM, nVidia QuadroFX 5800 w/ 4Gb RAM)
  • VITOM® 25 Exoscope System (Courtesy of Storz),
  • 3D-HD TV 55 inches,
  • Microsurgical instrumentation (courtesy of MIZUHO), and
  • Endoscopic instrumentation (courtesy of Storz)

Lab equipment
High definition endoscopic station with with image guidance.