The Epilepsy & Movement Disorders Team

Jorge Gonzalez-Martinez, MD, PhD

Dr. Gonzalez is a world-renowned and board-certified neurosurgeon. He is the director of the Epilepsy and Movement Disorders Surgery Program. He specializes in surgeries to treat epilepsy and movement disorders and has more than 20 years of experience in these fields. He has a particular interest in sEEG and DBS. He was the first surgeon to offer sEEG in the US and has performed over 1000 cases. He is also a pioneer of robotic-assisted neurosurgery, which improves accuracy and shortens surgery time.

Danielle Corson, PA-C
Physician Assistant, Expert

Danielle is a physician assistant who has worked in the Epilepsy and Movement Disorders Surgery Program since 2011. She sees patients in the outpatient office both alongside Dr. Gonzalez and on her own. She assists in surgery and rounds on patients in the hospital daily. Danielle also enjoys DBS programming and manages the surgery schedule. You should contact her to schedule a surgery date, or if you have questions or concerns about an upcoming or recent surgery.