Cerebrovascular Neurosurgery Center

The Comprehensive Center for Cerebrovascular Neurosurgery at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center is a subspecialized multidisciplinary clinical unit that evaluates and treats all forms of vascular disorders of the brain and spinal cord. Given the high volume of cases managed by the center, it serves as a national and international resource for the management of patients with complex cerebrovascular disease, including aneurysms, arteriovenous malformations (AVMs), arteriovenous fistulas (AVFs), carotid disease, Moya-Moya, and cavernous malformations. With a group of highly subspecialized physicians, center faculty prospectively assess patients and provide broad state-of-the-art treatment options. Since cerebrovascular disease can often be treated using a spectrum of complementary techniques, experts evaluate cases and provide recommendations with the goal of minimizing risks and maximizing long-term efficacy

The center is directed by Michael J. Lang, MD, and also includes Robert Friedlander, MD,  Paul A. Gardner, MDBradley A. Gross, MDDaniel A. Wecht, MD; and Georgios Zenonos, MD. As part of the cerebrovascular center, Dr. Gross serves as director of endovascular neurosurgery.

Challenging cases are reviewed prospectively in our weekly multidisciplinary cerebrovascular conference. All the key subspecialists are represented and discuss the individual features of each case. Individual consideration is given to each patient to tailor the most effective therapy taking into consideration a number of important features including patient age, overall health status, and specific anatomical consideration of their vascular abnormality. 

The Cerebrovascular Neurosurgery Center works in close collaboration with the UPMC Stroke Institute—staffed by neurologists with additional training in vascular neurology.  Our endovascular neurosurgeons and interventional neurologists perform acute interventions for ischemic strokes at one of the highest rates in the country and are involved in innumerable trials advancing the field.  For patients with complex, elective cerebral ischemic disease, Dr. Lang has a very busy practice in cerebral revascularization, offering cutting-edge cerebral bypass options, among others.