Peter J. Jannetta Lectureship

The Peter J. Jannetta Lecture—focusing on innovations in the field of neurosurgery—is held annually in honor of the former chairman of the University of Pittsburgh Department of Neurological Surgery who was internationally acclaimed for his development of microvascular decompression (MVD), an innovative procedure that moved blood vessels away from the trigeminal nerve, alleviating chronic pain and spasms in facial muscles. The procedure became commonly known as the ‘Jannetta Procedure’ around the world and brought relief to thousands.

The inaugural Peter J. Jannetta Lectureship was held on April 4, 2018 with Daniel Resnick, MD, professor of neurosurgery at the University of Wisconsin and a 1998 graduate of the University of Pittsburgh residency program, serving as the honored guest. In 2019, Elad Levy, MD, L. Nelson Hopkins III Professor and Chair of the Department of Neurosurgery at the University of Buffalo Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences and a 2004 graduate of our residency program, was the special guest speaker. 

The annual Jannetta Lecture follows the highly successful Jannetta Symposium that was held in Pittsburgh in April of 2017. The day-long event featured over two-dozen lectures from international leaders in the field of neurosurgery and was attended by more than 120 neurosurgeons and residents. The event took a wide-ranging look at innovations taking place in the field of neurosurgery, as well as a celebration of the accomplishments of Dr.Jannetta.

Prominent figures in the field of neurosurgery, including Stephen Haines, MD; Hae-Dong Jho, MD, PhD; Bruce Pollock, MD; Laligam Sekhar, MD; Chandra Sen, MD; Gregory Thompson, MD; and Howard Yonas, MD, joined department leaders Robert Friedlander, MDPaul Gardner, MD; L. Dade Lunsford, MDDavid Okonkwo, MD, PhDIan Pollack, MD; and Ray Sekula, MD, among others, to discuss the latest advances in skull base surgery, microvascular decompression, vascular surgery, endovascular surgery, radiosurgery and spine surgery.

Dr. Jannetta, who passed away in April of 2016, published more than 400 scientific articles, abstracts and book chapters and won several awards for his contributions to the field. Perhaps more importantly, he helped create one of the most prominent neurosurgery training programs in the world, training scores of residents, many of whom have gone on to be leaders in the field themselves.

Watch video below of Robert Friedlander, MD, chairman of the University of Pittsburgh Department of Neurological Surgery and course director of the symposium, provide opening remarks at inaugural Peter J. Jannetta Symposium on Innovation in Neurosurgery.

Below is a sampling of presentations from the 2017 symposium:

Mark McLaughlin on Peter Jannetta

A. Leland Albright on Peter Jannetta and Children

Alan Scarrow on Leaders and Leadership

L. Dade Lunsford on Stereotactic Radiosurgery at UPMC

Bruce Pollock on Microsurgery and Stereotactic Radiosurgery

Ian Pollack on Pediatric Brain Tumor Research   

Nduka Amankulor on Adult Glioma Research 

Johnathan Engh on Brain Tumor Surgical Techniques

David Okonkwo on Scoliosis and Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery 

Adam Kanter on Lateral Access Spine Surgery 

R. Mark Richardson on Movement Disorders, Epilepsy and Psychiatric Disease

Elizabeth Tyler-Kabara on Brain Computer Interface Research