Fridays With Friedlander

Fridays with Friedlander is a weekly live webcast hosted by department chairman Robert M. Friedlander, MD, presenting updates on topical neurological surgery issues, and featuring department faculty giving brief talks on their specialty—followed by an interactive Q&A session.

The next scheduled webcast is November 6 at 1:00 p.m. EST, with Emily Guerriero, MPAS, PA-C, founder of the Western Pennsylvania Chapter of Brain Aneurysm and AVM Support Group, discussing how group support can help overcome physical, emotional and cognitive obstacles while recovering from a brain aneurysm. You can watch the webcast through Microsoft Teams at

For additional information on the Fridays with Friedlander webcast, please contact Justin R. Meyer at the University of Pittsburgh/UPMC Medical Health Sciences Foundation at 412-578-9273.

Past Episodes

Ava Puccio - TBI Biomarker Research

October 23, 2020 -- Traumatic brain injury research expert Ava Puccio talks about how advances in biomarker research may help diagnose brain and spinal injuries through blood tests.

Vincent Miele - Head and Spine Sports Injuries

October 16, 2020 -- Concussion and sports medicine expert Vincent Miele shares his insight on the neurosurgical treatment of sports-related injuries and how it translates to the general population.

Marco Capogrosso - Spinal Cord Stimulation

October 9, 2020 -- University of Pittsburgh Spinal Cord Stimulation Lab director Marco Capogrosso discusses neurotechnologies for the restoration of movement after paralysis.

Nitin Agarwal - Residency Program

October 2, 2020 -- Neurosurgery chief resident gives his perspective on the UPMC/University of Pittsburgh neurosurgery residency program: the demands, the opportunities, the rewards.

Michael Lang - Cerebral Aneurysm Treatment

September 25, 2020 -- Vascular and endovascular specialist Michael J. Lang talks about cerebral aneurysm treatment from a microsurgical and endovascular perspective.

Gary Kohanbash – Brain Tumor Immunotherapy

September 11, 2020 -- Immunotherapy expert Gary Kohanbash talks about innovative approaches for brain tumors. Bill Cenk also shares his touching personal story and passionate effort for pediatric brain tumor research.

Stephanie Greene - Spina Bifida

August 21, 2020 --  Perinatal neurosurgery expert Stephanie Greene discusses innovative fetal neurosurgery technique. She’s joined by very special guests, patient Allee Mullen and her daughter Emory Greene.

Robert Friedlander - Neurological Diseases

August 7, 2020 -- Dr. Friedlander explains how understanding cell death can lead to advancements against Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and dementia. Guest Haley Jameson shares her personal journey to help cure dementia.

David Okonkwo - Advanced Scoliosis Treatment

July 24, 2020 -- Trauma, scoliosis and spinal deformity expert David Okonkwo presents a talk on minimally invasive surgery for scoliosis and other spinal disorders.

Georgios Zenonos - Pituitary Disease Treatment

July 17, 2020 -- Georgios Zenonos, skull base surgery expert, provides a presentation on the current state-of-the-art treatment methods for pituitary disease 

Robert Friedlander - High Stakes Brain Surgery

July 10, 2020 --Robert Friedlander discusses high risk brain surgery aided by high definition fiber tractorgraphy with special insight from brain tumor patient Mark Boughton, mayor of Danbury, Conn. 

Sameer Agnihotri - Brain Tumor Therapy

June 19, 2020 -- Sameer Agnihotri, director of the University of Pittsburgh Brain Tumor Biology and Therapy Lab, presents a talk on slowing the growth of brain tumors.

Nduka Amankulor - Brain Tumors

June 12, 2020 -- Adult neurosurgical oncology expert at the UPMC Hillman Cancer Center talks about the surgical and scientific quandaries of low-grade gliomas.

Peter Gerszten - Spine Radiosurgery

June 5, 2020 -- Spine radiosurgery pioneer Peter Gerszten takes a look at the development, benefits, current practices and future path of spine radiosurgery.

Jorge González-Martínez - Epilepsy Surgery

May 29, 2020 -- Epilepsy and functional neurosurgery expert Jorge González-Martínez discusses how and why we should make epilepsy surgery less invasive.

Joseph Maroon - Healthy Lifestyle

May 22, 2020 -- Health and sports medicine expert Joseph Maroon discusses the secrets to living a balanced and resilient life during ANY pandemic.

Raymond Sekula Jr. - Facial & Throat Pain

May 15, 2020 -- Cranial nerve expert Raymond Sekula discusses trigeminal neuralgia, glossopharyngeal neuralgia and other facial and throat pain disorders.

L. Dade Lunsford - Stereotactic Radiosurgery

May 8, 2020 -- Stereotactic radiosurgery expert and Gamma Knife pioneer L. Dade Lunsford talks about lessons learned in 32-year management experience of skull base acoustic neuroma.

Paul Gardner - Minimally Invasive Brain Surgery

May 1, 2020 -- Brain tumor expert Paul Gardner talks about the many advances in endoscopically-based minimally invasive brain surgery at UPMC and the safe brain surgery guidelines practiced during COVID-19.

Bradley Gross - Ischemic Stroke

April 24, 2020 -- Endovascular neurosurgeon Bradley Gross gives a presentation on ischemic stroke therapy, research and history at the University of Pittsburgh.

Robert Friedlander - COVID-19

April 17, 2020 -- Robert Friedlander talks about the impact and response to COVID-19 at UPMC Presbyterian, and the ongoing research activities of the faculty at the University of Pittsburgh Department of Neurological Surgery.