Gardner, Stefko Co-Edit Orbital Surgery Volume

Skull BasePittsburgh, November 20, 2020 -- UPMC Center for Cranial Surgery neurosurgical director Paul Gardner, MD, and S. Tonya Stefko, MD, director of the Oculoplastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery Service at the UPMC Eye Center, are co-editors of a new volume on skull base orbital surgery published by Thieme Publishers through the Journal of Neurological Surgery Part B: Skull Base journal series.

The volume is comprised of 16 comprehensive and detailed articles on orbital approaches—the gateway to the skull base—from some of the most prominent neurosurgeons, otolaryngologists, orbital surgeons, neuroradiologists and pathologists in the world.

According to the forward, written by noted neurosurgeon Joseph Maroon, MD, “this volume provides the most current repository available on the anatomy, pathology, and surgical approaches, including endoscopy of the orbit and skull base. Experienced internationally recognized orbital and skull base surgery specialists share their expertise and detail their therapeutic errors in judgment and technique, lessons learned, and recommendations. This special edition represents the summation of all that has gone before and incorporates the latest innovations as a major resource for the novice as well as the most senior ophthalmic, ENT, and neurologic surgeon.”

“Each and every one of these articles represents a highlight in and of itself,” noted journal co-editors Michael J. Link and Dennis Kraus. “We believe this work will serve as a primer for both the novice and the expert for decades to come. We strongly encourage you to explore this work and reap the benefits of our editors' and authors' expertise.”

The editors also noted, “The scope was so comprehensive that we have a second issue in process which also focuses on the orbit and represents a continuum of the work presented in this edition.”