Ghuman Part of Major NSF Research Funding

Avniel GhumanPittsburgh, August 8, 2017 -- The neural and cognitive brain research work of Avniel Ghuman, PhD, director of the University of Pittsburgh’s Laboratory of Cognitive Neurodynamics, is one of 19 research projects from across the United States designated for major research funding in an initiative from the National Science Foundation to help further our understanding of the brain. 

Dr. Ghuman’s project “Decoding and Reconstructing the Neural Basis of Real World Social Perception” was awarded nearly $1 million over three years. 

The awards are part of the NSF's investments in support of its Understanding the Brain and BRAIN Initiative projects, a coordinated research effort seeking to accelerate the development of new neurotechnologies. 

According to the NSF website, “the awards will advance frontiers in cognitive science and neuroscience with an emphasis on 1) neuroengineering and brain-inspired concepts and designs; 2) individuality and variation; 3) cognitive and neural processes in realistic, complex environments; and 4) data-intensive neuroscience and cognitive science.” 

For more information on Dr. Ghuman’s project award, please visit the NSF website.

Read also the NSF release on the awards.