Surgery Demo Draws Thousands in China

Xi’an, China, April 12, 2017 -- A surgical demonstration case for a complex pituitary tumor, performed by University of Pittsburgh Center for Cranial Base Surgery doctors Juan Fernandez-Miranda, MD, and Eric Wang, MD, at the recent National Skull Base Conference and Hands-on Anatomy Course at Tangdu Hospital in Xi’an, China, attracted more than 20,000 online viewers. The case, performed using the endoscopic endonasal approach perfected by the neurosurgeons and ENTs at the Center for Cranial Base Surgery, was discussed extensively in the Chinese social medical network.

The 51-year-old male patient suffered from progressive visual loss caused by a large pituitary tumor with invasion into critical areas of the brain. The operation was successfully performed with postoperative visual improvement and no complications.

In addition to the surgical demonstration case, Drs. Fernandez-Miranda and Wang also performed dissection on anatomical specimens and presented lectures on 3D surgical neuroanatomy and surgical techniques.

Dr. Fernandez-Miranda is an expert in minimally invasive endoscopic skull base surgery and is director of both the University of Pittsburgh Surgical Neuroanatomy Lab and the University of Pittsburgh Fiber Tractography Lab. He lectures around the world on 3D surgical neuroanatomy and related techniques.

National Skull Base Conference and Hands-on Anatomy Course faculty.