UPMC Global Care

UPMC Global Care provides patients around the world access to highly specialized health care through its virtual network, regional care programs and U.S.-based programs.

We live in exciting times, when technology continues to advance medical care, along with access to the latest innovations and brightest minds. At UPMC Global Care, our experienced specialists work with referring physicians, government officials, embassies, and individuals from virtually every country in the world to provide convenient access to expert medical care, no matter where patients live.

We offer a comprehensive array for clinical and academic programs in conjunction with our international partners. Services range from worldwide telemedicine capabilities to a variety of regional care programs located at several international destinations, and comprehensive care services in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, UPMC’s headquarters.

Utilizing virtual health capabilities, Global Care connects the most innovative minds in health care wherever they may be. Our concentration on telemedicine services fosters accountable, cost-efficient, patient-centered care, transforming the way medicine is practiced.

UPMC Global Care blends the use of smart technology and new models of health care with a global focus to meet the evolving needs of patients and doctors.

You can reach UPMC Global Care at GlobalCare@upmc.edu, +1-412-688-8762, or you can complete the brief Contact UPMC Global Care form on the UPMC website.