Luke C. Henry, PhD

  • Assistant Professor

Luke Henry, PhD, joined the Department of Neurological Surgery in November of 2015. Dr. Henry completed his doctorate in clinical neuropsychology, specializing in research and intervention, at the Université de Montréal in 2011. He then moved to Pittsburgh where he completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the UPMC Sports Concussion Program. Dr. Henry worked for two years as a clinical instructor within the concussion program before joining the Department of Neurological Surgery.

In his current role, Dr. Henry is responsible for pre- and post-operative neuropsychological testing for a variety of pathologies/conditions including movement disorders, epilepsy, Chiari malformations, brain tumors and post-TBI assessments. He is also actively involved with various research endeavors with other faculty members within the department.

Specialized Areas of Interest

Neuropsychological function; clinical outcomes.

Hospital Privileges

UPMC Mercy
UPMC Presbyterian
UPMC Shadyside

Professional Organization Membership

International Neuropsychological Society
National Academy of Neuropsychology
Sports Neuropsychology Society

Education & Training

  • BS, Psychology, University of Calgary, 2003
  • MS, Behavioral Neuroscience, University of Calgary, 2006
  • PhD, Clinical Neuropsychology, Université de Montréal, 2011
  • Fellowship, Clinical Neuropsychology, UPMC, 2013

Selected Publications

Elbin RJ, Collins MW, Marchetti G, Kontos AP. Examining Recovery Trajectories After Sport-Related Concussion With a Multimodal Clinical Assessment Approach. Neurosurg 2016 Feb;78(2):232-41, 2016.

Henry LC, Sandel N. Adolescent Subtest Norms for the ImPACT Neurocognitive Battery. Appl Neuropsychol Child 4(4):266-76, 2015.

Henry LC, Burkhart SO, Elbin RJ, Agarwal V, Kontos AP. Traumatic axonal injury and persistent emotional lability in an adolescent following moderate traumatic brain injury: A case study. J Clin Exp Neuropsychol 2015;37(4):439-54, 2015.

Tremblay S, Henry LC, Bedetti C, Larson-Dupuis C, Gagnon JF, Evans AC, Théoret H, Lassonde M, De Beaumont L. Diffuse white matter tract abnormalities in clinically normal ageing retired athletes with a history of sports-related concussions. Brain 137(Pt 11):2997-3011, 2014.

De Beaumont L, Tremblay S, Henry LC, Poirier J, Lassonde M, Théoret H. Motor system alterations in retired former athletes: the role of aging and concussion history. BMC Neurol 13:109, 2013.

De Beaumont L, Henry LC, Gosselin N. Long-term functional alterations in sports concussion. Neurosurg Focus 33(6):E8:1-7, 2012.

Henry LC, Tremblay J, Tremblay S, Lee A, Brun C, Lepore N, Theoret H, Ellemberg D, Lassonde M. Acute and chronic changes in diffusivity measures after sports concussion. J Neurotrauma 28(10):2049-59, 2011.

Henry LC, Tremblay S, Leclerc S, Khiat A, Boulanger Y, Ellemberg D, Lassonde M. Metabolic changes in concussed American football players during the acute and chronic post-injury phases. BMC Neurol 11:105, 2011.

Henry LC, Tremblay S, Boulanger Y, Ellemberg D, Lassonde M. Neurometabolic changes in the acute phase after sports concussions correlate with symptom severity. J Neurotrauma 27(1):65-76, 2010.

Henry LC, Twichell MF. Concussion. British Medical Journal Point-of-Care, This publication is peer reviewed on an annual basis and updated to reflect current diagnostic and treatment. Last updated May 2015.

A complete list of Dr. Henry's publications can be reviewed through the National Library of Medicine's publication database.