Pediatric Epilepsy Studies and Research

There are more effective treatments for epilepsy now than ever before, but we believe there are still more to be discovered. Our ongoing epilepsy research and clinical studies include new and exciting developments that may lead to treatments that are easier, more effective, and with fewer side effects. Not only do we receive the latest models of VNS devices before they become widely available, but we also have earlier access to all of the latest treatments, medicines, and medical equipment.

Our current areas of research include:

  • A retrospective medical record review of patients who have participated in the Epilepsy Surgery Program for the last 15 years
  • A study of how childhood epilepsy affects children’s developing brains
  • An examination of how sleep and certain cognitive functions are affected in adolescents with epilepsy compared to those without epilepsy
  • A study to determine the best initial treatment for childhood absence epilepsy (CAE), a common syndrome that affects 10 to 15 percent of children with epilepsy that is characterized by brief, sudden staring-spell seizures
  • Participation in a national multicenter study looking at the genomic and phenotypic patterns of epilepsy as it relates to families
  • Multiple clinical studies of new and existing antiepileptic drugs