Henry Awarded Extra Mile Award

Luke HenryPittsburgh, July 21, 2021 -- Luke Henry, PhD, assistant professor with the Department of Neurological Surgery and responsible for department pre- and post-operative neuropsychological testing, has been selected as a winner of the UPMC Physician Services’ Extra Mile Award.

The award recognizes UPMC staff members and physicians who demonstrate the determination to go above and beyond their job duties, maintain high office morale, and actively display UPMC values.

Dr. Henry was nominated for the award based on his work with a multiple sclerosis patient who had been denied her employment disability due to lack of supportive clinical documentation regarding the patient’s cognitive status. Due to long waits for subspecialists for the necessary clinical testing, the patient’s disability and social security approvals were in jeopardy, raising concerns about her financial future.

Upon learning of the patient’s predicament from former colleague Emily Guerriero, PA—who had spent extensive time attempting to resolve the situation—Dr. Henry agreed to see the patient within days, even though normal scheduling can take months. The patient was able to receive her neuropsychological evaluation and testing in one appointment. Upon completion of the testing, the patient left the testing center with a report of the findings. Within days of this neuropsychological evaluation by Dr. Henry, the patient was approved for her disability.

Congratulations Dr. Henry for a job well done!