Wendy Fellows-Mayle, PhD

  • Research Assistant Professor
  • Coordinator, The Walter Copeland Laboratory

Wendy Fellows-Mayle, PhD, joined the faculty of the Department of Neurological Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh in July of 1999. She received her bachelor degree at the University of Pittsburgh in 1994 and her doctoral degree at the University of Pittsburgh in 2004.

Dr. Fellows-Mayle is the director of the histology core laboratory for the Department of Neurological Surgery and the coordinator for the Walter Copeland Laboratory for Neurological Research.

Specialized Areas of Interest

Immunotherapy of brain tumors; gene therapy of brain tumors; epilepsy; intracranial pressure; crainiosynostosis; traumatic brain injury.

Education & Training

  • BA, Physical Anthropology, University of Pittsburgh, 1994
  • MA, Physical Anthropology, University of Pittsburgh, 1998
  • PhD, Physical Anthropology, University of Pittsburgh, 2004

Selected Publications

Bonfield CM, Foley LM, Kundu S, Fellows-Mayle W, Hitchens TK, Rohde GK, Grandhi R, Mooney MP.  The influence of surgical correction on white matter microstructural integrity in rabbits with familial coronal suture craniosynostosis. Neurosurgical Focus 38(5):E3, May 2015.

Casella E, Currier Thomas T, Vanino D, Fellows-Mayle W, Lifshitz J, Card J, Adelson D.  Traumatic brain injury alters long-term hippocampal neuron morphology in juvenile, but not immature, rats. Child’s Nervous System 30:1333-1342, 2014.

Liu Y, Kosaka A, Ikeura M, Kohanbash G, Fellows-Mayle W, Snyder LA, Okada H. Premetastatic soil and prevention of breast cancer brain metastasis.  Neuro Oncology 15(7):891-903, 2013.

Adelson PD, Fellows-Mayle W, Kochanek PM, Dixon CE. Morris water maze function and histologic characterization of two age-at-injury experimental models of controlled cortical impact in the immature rat. Child’s Nervous System 29(1):43-53, 2013..

Niranjan A, Gobbel G, Novotny J, Bhatnagar J, Fellows W, Lunsford LD. Impact of decaying dose rate in gamma knife radiosurgery: in vitro study on 9L rat gliosarcoma cells. Journal of Radiosurgery and SBRT 1:257-264, 2012.

Kondziolka D, Gobbel G, Fellows-Mayle W, Chang YF, Uram M. Injection parameters affect cell viability and implant volumes in automated cell delivery for the brain. Cell Transplantation 20:1901-1906, 2011.

Zhang Y, Wang X, Baranov SV, Zhu S, Huang Z, Fellows-Mayle W, Jiang J, Day AL, Kristal BS, Friedlander RM. Dipyrone inhibits neuronal cell death and diminishes hypoxic/ischemic brain injury. Neurosurgery 69(4):942-956, 2011.

Fujita M, Kohanbash G, Fellows-Mayle W, Hamilton RL, Komohara Y, Decker SA, Ohlfest JR, Okada H. COX-2 blockade suppresses gliomagenesis by inhibiting myeloid-derived suppressor cells. Cancer Research 71(7):2664-2674, 2011.

Hong C-S, Fellows W, Niranjan A, Cohen J, Glorioso JC, Grande P. Ectopic matrix metalloproteinase 9 expression in human brain tumor cells enhances oncolytic HSV vector infection. Gene Therapy 17(10):1200-1205, 2010.

Gobbel G, Kondziolka D, Fellows-Mayle W, Uram M.  Manual versus automated delivery of cells for transplantation: accuracy, reproducibility and impact on viability. Neurosurgery 67:1662-1668, 2010.

A complete list of Dr. Fellows-Mayle's publications can be reviewed through the National Library of Medicine's publication database.